understanding testosterone

Understanding Testosterone

In men, the pituitary gland stimulates the production and secretion of a human growth hormone from the testis called testosterone. It is important in the development of male sex organs, activating sex drive and maintaining healthy sexual performance.

Additionally, this potent androgenic steroid increases muscle mass, strength and plays a role in the redistribution of fat cells.

It also helps to support bone strength as well as stabilizing your mood and maintaining energy levels.

The manufacturing of testosterone is initialized at puberty being at its peak during adolescence while it begins tapering off in the mid-twenties.

Production slows down at this point with a loss equating around 90% between the ages of 25 and 65. Diminishing levels of testosterone can have a number of negative aspects that accompany this degradation which cause many of the issues that plague aging men, including:

Deteriorating Muscle Mass

  • Decreased Bone Density and Strength
  • Partial or Total Erectile Dysfunction
  • Decline In Sex Drive and Performance
  • Onset of Fatigue And Mood Instability

Fighting Testosterone Decline

There are numerous ways to counteract the loss of testosterone many of which can be done naturally. According to research presented at the Endocrine Society’s 2012 meeting, you can help increase your levels by losing weight.

Increasing your levels of Zinc and Vitamin D will help as well. Consuming plenty of branch chain amino acids found in foods like whey protein is a good way to increase free testosterone.

Sugar is counterproductive to maintaining healthy testosterone production so it is best to limit or eliminate it from your diet.

You can also utilize the testosterone boosting effects of high-intensity exercise where you work out as hard as you can for 30 seconds and then take a 90-second rest then repeating this process an additional 7 times.

However, probably the easiest way to solve this issue is by implementing testosterone boosters like crazy bulk Testo max into your muscle building routine.

Testosterone Boosters And Bodybuilding

There are many supplements available today that help boost testosterone and enhance performance.

The advantages of testosterone in your body are it provides superior strength boosting, protein synthesis and energy enhancement.

This anabolic hormone also provides an increased number of red blood cells improving the concentration of oxygen in the bloodstream to help boost endurance.

High levels of testosterone in your body allow you to train harder and longer for better muscle growth.

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Understanding Testosterone
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