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Amino Acids Improve Endurance Athletes

Sports supplements contain amino acids to improve endurance? Before an in-depth explanation about the amino acids improve endurance and power! What athlete are you? Athletic, runners, cyclists, swimmers, bodybuilders, or a regular fitness guys? As we know, the most common problem that happened is fatigue. In this page, we’ll talk about the role of amino… Read More »

Chitosan Supplements – Can Chitosan Treat Weight Loss and Cholesterol?

Do taking chitosan supplements can affect weight loss and high cholesterol? In this page, we collect some clinical trial about chitosan supplements. Can it work to lose significant weight? Let see… One method of reducing fat weight may be decreasing the amount of fat absorbed following digestion. Chitosan is a fiber supplement that is a… Read More »

Pyruvate Supplementation – Can It Improve Endurance and Performance?

Can pyruvate supplementation help to boost endurance and performance during and after the workout session? Let’s figure out! Pyruvate is the glycolysis result. When people using pyruvate, the Krebs cycle should be more efficient. This can improve the ATP production, therefore increasing endurance and performance. Also, there are studies performed on rats. A result showed… Read More »

Cellucor C4 Review – Do C4 Pre-Workout Supplements Really Work?

Rumors say C4 is the best pre-workout supplement. Is that true? Find the real answer in the following Cellucor C4 review. When you’re building muscle mass, you need to have a pre-workout supplement. That will gives you the boost you need to last through a grueling workout session at the gym. The top pre-workout supplement… Read More »

Effect of Amino Acid Ingestion on GH Release

The clinical study of taking amino acid in the human body! Does it work? And, how important is? Amino Acid Tests for young adults Scientists do research on young adults, 1 hours post-consumption, subject taking L-arginine and L-Iysine as much as 1.5 g. The result is about 2.7 -fold GH concentrations increased significantly. However, the… Read More »

Enterostatin Effects for Reducing Fat Intake

A peptide that acts similar to Cyclo (His-Pro) is Enterostatin or APGPR. Enterostatin is a pentapeptide that has been shown to be selective in inhibiting fat intake. It is formed following the cleavage of the enzyme procolipase by trypsin in the gastric juice of the intestinal lumen. Procolipase is an enzyme essential for fat digestion. Following… Read More »

Polyphenol and Compounds contain Polyphenolic Derivatives

Antioxidant supplementation with polyphenol extract blends Phytochemicals, polyphenol, and their derivatives including the flavonoids, tannins, and catechins! They are molecules derived from plants that have potential benefit for human health. One of the many proposed benefits is the potential for antioxidant effects. Due to their structural similarities, the polyphenols act as antioxidants by donating electrons.… Read More »

Conjugated Linoleic Acid CLA Review

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is found naturally in food, although the total CLA content varies. 1995 CLA is a modified isomer of linoleic acid that was introduced to the supplement market in late 1995 as one of the newer supplements available to enhance muscular development. Chemically, linoleic acid is an 18-carbon unsaturated fatty acid with… Read More »

Chromium Fat Burner – Is It Possible To Lose Weight? or SCAM

Chromium fat burner? Can it help to lose weight safely and effectively? Let’s figure out… Chromium is one of the most used ingredients in weight loss products. It is probably an active ingredient in well over dietary supplements. But, as the research will show, there is little evidence to suggest chromium fat burner as an… Read More »