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How Hormones Affect Weight Loss?

An effective weight management program also requires that you take care of the endocrine system of your body. The proper endocrine system rule is very important for a weight management plan. Because hormones are crucial catalysts that actually regulate the body metabolism process.

There are different kinds of hormones and reactions to weight loss or weight gain.

Some hormones foster weight loss and muscle gain! There are some others that encourage the gain of fat in the body.

Again, there are some hormones that can work both ways.

This article attempts a brief description of the action of hormones to the end of a successful weight loss program.

Sometimes, most people taking hormone injections as a shortcut. They need the fast ways to lose weight or gain lean muscle. If you are like these people! Please STOP IT. Because, in long-term, you’ll suffer from hormonal imbalances.

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What is insulin?

Insulin is one of the primary hormones affecting weight management process within us.

Insulin is the blood sugar regulator hormone of the body.

The effects of high blood sugar levels on the body will result in high-level insulin in the blood as well. This called Hyperinsulinemia.

If the body finds an insulin produced is not enough to maintain the most blood sugar level! Then the body uses an alternative way by converting sugar into fat and storing in the body, thereby contributing to weight gain.

Thus, insulin is a lipogenic hormone and also a natural antilipolytic substance (resisting the breakdown of fat).

So, a sugar-rich diet that stimulates high insulin production will contribute to your weight gain process.

To reverse the process, you will definitely have to regulate your diet in a proper sugar-free way.

And what about cortisol?

Chronic stress to the mind or body stimulates the generation of cortisol, the stress hormone of the body.

The body responds to high cortisol levels by reducing another hormone concentration, DHEA or dehydroepiandrosterone.

The lowering of DHEA levels facilitates the deposition of more fat in the body cells because DHEA is an important hormone in producing muscle structure.

Moreover, the fat cells of the abdominal wall consist of more cortisol receptors, thereby adding to weight gain in the abdominal region in the event of stress.

Other important hormones

There are 2 other very important hormones in the body.

  1. Leptin. Produced in the adipose tissue or fat tissue.
  2. Serotonin. A neurotransmitter produced from the brain neurons. This will affect the satiety center in the hypothalamus region of the brain.

The satiety center is crucial in controlling weight because through this center the body receives signals about how much to eat.

Especially low levels of serotonin lead to overeating because the body tends to believe that the body has not eaten sufficient amount of food.

Last, but not least – thyroid hormone

Another crucial hormone related to the weight loss process is the thyroid hormone.

The thyroid hormone shortage makes the body sluggish at every level. This particular condition is known as hypothyroidism and can lead to extreme obesity due to a slower metabolism.

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