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Home Muscle Workout – Build Your Own Gym at Home

The Creative home muscle workout ideas

We all need somewhere to train that suits our wishes. While most people visit gyms, fitness centers and sports clubs for their muscle workouts, such commercial places are not so cost-effective in the long term. In addition, there are many advantages to performing regular home muscle workout within the luxury of your own environment.

Most people pay shed loads of money to join initially and still have to cope with substantial monthly fees to maintain their memberships at gyms, fitness clubs, and the like. With a home-based gymnasium, it’s a one-time investment, you don’t bother with such recurrent fees.

Want To Work Those Muscles From Home?

We all want to exercise on a timeframe that fits our schedule. That doesn’t happen when you sign up to commercial fitness clubs. There are the no-work hours, maintenance closure hours, work free holidays, and just some days the gym won’t open for some top secret reason that only they seem to know!

With your own home gym, muscle workouts can be performed when you feel like. You don’t have to listen to all that music that’s forced on your ears, neither would you be prone to meeting a former colleague you ended up not liking. Setting up your own home muscle workout space is no secret but does need some planning.

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Here are a few tips to get you on the right track:

Little or Large?

The first thing to do is to know what you want. You’ve probably started visiting some fitness centers already so you should have an idea of equipment you’re likely to incorporate into your home muscle workouts.

The point is to find an estimated cost on the prices of such equipment and make a budget based on that.

Depending on your location, there’s probably a ‘build a home gym service close to you.’ Feel free to call them up for a quotation but you better be sitting down if your hiring someone to design things bespoke.

Keep in mind that you’ll need a dedicated permanent workout area. This may be in the basement (if you have one) or somewhere more accessible. You might have to renovate the workout room, painting, flooring and so on.

Inspect The Workout Room

Here’s where renovation might come in. Based on your floor type, you might want to reinforce it especially when it’s made of wood.

Interlocking rubber tiles are a good option as well as thick low knap carpet. Ensure there’s enough air coming into the room, and the place is well lit (exercising in a dimly lit room isn’t fun for anyone).

It’s Time To Start Moving Your Gym Equipment In

There are specialized home gym services that sell gym equipment for homes. Total Gym is one of them and there are hundreds of others including Bowflex and Nautilus.

A good number of people tend to go for used and factory refurbished gym equipment for budget reasons. This isn’t a problem provided any such equipment has been inspected carefully and thoroughly before purchase.

In the case of refurbished items, they should carry a manufacturer or factory warranty. For used items, craft out some form of guarantee with the seller as to the quality of the equipment being sold.

It’s advisable to stay clear of commercially used workout equipment since this is more prone to wear and tear improper use and may require little fixes here and there, putting additional hidden costs on the purchase price.

A number of internet sites like eBay, and Craigslist support listings for gym equipment new and used. You may also source your equipment from newspaper ads, or by looking out for a competitive supplier close to you.

Therefore, it’s time to consider what home muscle workout equipment you will need for your entire workout sessions in your home gym.

  • Free Weights and Pulley Cable Equipment
  • Olympic Style Bar – Straight
  • Dumbbells – preloaded ones or those designed to have free weights attached.
  • Squat rack
  • Weight Storage Rack
  • Bench Press Bench
  • Padded Bench

Of course, depending on the specific home muscle workouts you plan to have, exact requirements tend to vary from one person to another.

A real low budget plan for your home muscle workout gym is to invest some time and little money to build your own racks, benches, and wall-mounted equipment.

Truly you’ll probably need more than some time and quite an experience dealing with welding equipment but it’s worth the savings and you’ll feel that sense of true ownership and pride once it’s done with.

After sketching basic designs and getting dimensions of workout equipment in your local gym, enroll for an education class in basic arc welding.

With your newly acquired skills, you can lend their welding machine and material to create your own squat racks, weight storage rack, decline-incline bench, a wall-mounted lat machine and any other equipment you’d like to try your hands at.

To test out this real low-budget idea, you need to purchase some steel pipes, heavy plywood, and some angle iron. It takes little money to purchase these items. What’s more essential is the time and of course your ability to translate what you learned in class.

When It’s All Finished – It’s Amazing!

Either path you decide to go down – Pre-owned, Brand new or Do It Yourself, nothing beats the feeling of training on your own terms, in your own time, being able to enjoy the ultimate Home Muscle Workout at your leisure. Good luck!

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Home Muscle Workout – Build Your Own Gym at Home
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