free weight training exercises

Free Weight Training Exercises

Free weight training is being utilized by bodybuilders as a way to increase mass, and shape of their muscles as well as target more muscle groups during lifting.

Free weight training allows for quicker results due to the vast variety of lifting techniques. Free weights allow for a large range of motion and with this flexibility, it allows for muscles and muscle groups to be targeted to get specific results.

Lifting free weights also allows the bodybuilder to work multiple muscle groups in a single lift, leading to the results they want in a shorter amount of time.

Benefits of Training with Free Weights

Aquire Better Balance – Using free weights can lead to increased balance and more stability. Using body weight for proper form to lift free weights helps keep you centered and allows you to become more stable on your feet. This increased balance not only helps during lifting but can help in everyday life as well.

Increased Muscle Strength – Lifting free weights increases the strength of your muscles. Being able to lift free weights and targeting multiple muscles can increase overall muscle strength. Increased muscle strength also leads to better posture, a reduced risk of getting injured during everyday activities, and better support for joints.

Improved Endurance – Increased endurance is also a benefit of training with free weights. As you train your body is able to withstand longer periods of training before becoming tired.

Higher Muscle Definition – Training with free weights also helps with muscle tone. Lifting free weights can tone up muscles and change their appearance. Whether training for mass or long and lean muscle, training with free weights allows for muscle toning and/or bulking up and also maintaining or increasing muscle strength.

Promotes Better Health – There are multiple health benefits that can come with training with free weights some of these include a decrease in fat, a reduction in blood pressure, an increase in bone density, as well as an increase in metabolism to name a few.

Free Weight Techniques

  1. Chest – Flat Barbell/Dumbbell bench press, Incline/Decline barbell/dumbbell bench press, and Incline/Decline dumbbell flyes. Additional Benefits: Working this area with free weights also help the triceps and shoulders.
  2. Back – Bent over barbell rows, Chest supported dumbbell rows, and Barbell or dumbbell shrugs. Other Benefits: Compound exercises work the biceps.
  3. Quadriceps – Barbell/Dumbbell squats, Barbell/Dumbbell lunges, and Barbell/Dumbbell Step-ups. Further Benefits: Develops the lower part of the body.
  4. Biceps – Barbell/Dumbbell curls, Incline dumbbell curls, and Hammer curls

Improving Muscle Strength

The above techniques can be used to help increase and improve muscle strength.

Some of the techniques include compound exercises that target multiple muscles or muscle groups during a single lift that not only increase mass but strength if done correctly.

Using free weights improves balance, and strength is needed to help keep a body stable.

Using the techniques above with free weights allows for increased flexibility while training which can improve the effectiveness of a workout immensely.

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Free Weight Training Exercises
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