Cardio While Bulking, Should You Do it?

Perform cardio while bulking? Well, some folk says… “You’re stupid if you do cardio exercise while bulking!”. Other says “It’s actually beneficial for muscle building…”. It’s a widely debated activity that has people on both sides having totally opposite viewpoints. So should it be part of your routine? Is it going to waste your whole bulking… Read More »

Chromium Fat Burner – Is It Possible To Lose Weight? or SCAM

Chromium fat burner? Can it help to lose weight safely and effectively? Let’s figure out… Chromium is one of the most used ingredients in weight loss products. It is probably an active ingredient in well over dietary supplements. But, as the research will show, there is little evidence to suggest chromium fat burner as an… Read More »

Home Muscle Workout – Build Your Own Gym at Home

The Creative home muscle workout ideas We all need somewhere to train that suits our wishes. While most people visit gyms, fitness centers and sports clubs for their muscle workouts, such commercial places are not so cost-effective in the long term. In addition, there are many advantages to performing regular home muscle workout within the luxury… Read More »

Fundamentals of Building Muscle Mass

Implementing a healthy living regimen into your life can be a challenge. However, you can give yourself an advantage by learning more about how the body works in order to produce the desired results you are after. In this article, you will find a detailed analysis of body types, how muscles grow and various attributes… Read More »

Calisthenics Home Workout Routine

Calisthenics consists of a variety of exercises. These exercises are rhythmical and rarely use the equipment. Your body weight is the only resistance that is used with the intention of increasing strength and flexibility. Often sports teams or military units use this type of exercise to give a feeling of cohesion among the group as… Read More »

Free Weight Training Exercises

Free weight training is being utilized by bodybuilders as a way to increase mass, and shape of their muscles as well as target more muscle groups during lifting. Free weight training allows for quicker results due to the vast variety of lifting techniques. Free weights allow for a large range of motion and with this… Read More »