endomorph diet exercise plan

Endomorph Diet and Exercise Plan

Those classified into the endomorphic body type are easily recognized by their large amount of fat accumulation. This abundance of adipose tissue does not allow for much in the way of muscle definition.

They are also noticed by their large frame. Unfortunately, their slow metabolism doesn’t pair well with their insatiable appetite and tendency to eat larger portioned meals or tendency to eat several meals throughout the day.

Commonly those with this body type attempt various diets and exercise routines to lose weight but generally to no avail.

In addition, these individuals often become fatigued more easily performing physical activities. Of all the body types this is probably the most difficult to make any fitness progress due to the physical disadvantages and frequent exhaustion.

However, with the proper knowledge, these obstacles can overcome as has been made very apparent with many distinguished, world-renowned endomorphic bodybuilders such as Jay Cutler, Mariusz Pudzianowski, and Lee Priest.

Dieting Recommendations:

  1. Fewer Carbohydrates – daily consumption should fall between 30% to 40%
  2. Maintenance Caloric Intake – knock off 200 to 500 calories
  3. Several Small Meals – divide your daily caloric intake into 5 to 6 meals
  4. Drink Water – this will keep you full without adding calories
  5. Eat Vegetables – consume in copious amounts to stay full
  6. Avoid Processed Food – these substances break down fast and store as fat
  7. Controlled Portioning – stick to fist-sized portions for each meal

Training Recommendations:

  • Very High Reps – train by performing 15+ repetitions for each exercise
  • Shorter Rests – keep resting periods between sets between 30 to 45 seconds
  • Cardio – cardiovascular training should be a large focus of your routine
  • Utilize Compound Lifting – these exercises burn more calories

Although this is one of the more difficult body types to maintain you can give yourself a better advantage to achieve the level of fitness you desire by following these suggestions.

Targeting calorie burning and utilizing any opportunity to burn more will be an immense help and as you build muscle and burn fat you will help to stabilize and boost your metabolism to help you increase your energy and burn calories faster.

You can develop your physique into the ideal figure you want with the right amount of effort and dedication using these suggestions.

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Endomorph Diet and Exercise Plan
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