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Creatine Supplements Effects on Skeletal Muscle Metabolism

Do creatine supplements right for you? What does it do to your body?

To increase muscle mass, strength, and power! One of the training goals is to manipulate and increase the training stimulus or the physical work that is performed.

At its essence, physical training depends on the coordinated balance. Which are between an imposed physical stressor, the training variables manipulation (volume, intensity, and frequency). It also adequate rest intervals, and recovery between training sessions.

Recovery is perhaps the most difficult to manipulate and gauge owing to the amount of time necessary to achieve it.

Furthermore, the anabolic steroids usage control for muscle repair and growth. The nutritional interventions are often needed to promote more efficient recovery training.

Although many supplements have been praised for their anabolic and ergogenic effects! To date, only a few have withstood the rigors of science.

The most notable of these is creatine monohydrate (creatine). Though most other supplements do not elicit as powerful an effect as creatine, a few are worthy of notation and future research efforts.

Creatine Supplements

Although several anecdotal adverse effects have been attributed to creatine supplementation! Only a few minor scientific studies have been documented.

Some of these have linked to gastrointestinal upset. The osmotic distress may occur. If the crystalline creatine is not adequately dissolved into a solution before ingestion.

Another commonly reported side effect is body weight gain. Because of increased creatine storage and the associated gain in fat-free mass.

However, many athletes do not consider body weight gain to be a negative effect of creatine supplements.

Also interesting to note is… A recent studies in infants between 2 to 4 years of age who have genetic disturbances in creatine synthesis. It showed remarkable clinical, biochemical, and functional improvements following creatine supplementation.

The dosage ranging from 136.4 to 227.3 mg/lb body weight (350 to 500 mg/kg body weight) that were maintained for over 25 months. This dose is up to 1.67 times the recommended loading dose.

No adverse effects were reported! Including no aggravation of seizures in one infant who presented with intractable seizures (including rare grand mal seizures) before being treated with creatine.

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Muscle Strains/Pulls

Creatine supplements can increase the incidence of strains or greater muscle pull. This is based on recommendations from athletic trainers and trainers.

Because this “muscle candy” may promote relatively rapid gains in strength and body mass. Additional stress may be placed on bone, joints, and ligaments, leading to injury.

Thus far, no study has written about an increased rate of damage right after using creatine. Although numerous research evaluated professional sportsmen during heavy training intervals.

effects creatine supplements

Muscle Cramping

There are some anecdotal claims… Don’t take creatine if you practice intensely in hot or humid conditions. It may experience severe muscle cramps.

Supporters of this concept claim that might result in large fluid shifts inside the muscle. Helping to change electrolyte status, promote dehydration, and/or improve thermal stress.

No study has reported that creatine supplementation causes… Cramping, dehydration, or changes in electrolyte concentrations.

Although one study evaluated the highly trained athletes have intense training in hot and humid environments.

Furthermore, the causes of muscle cramping are not fully understood! So it’s too early to suggest that creatine supplements can have such effects.


Numerous stories in media claim that creatine supplements can make lack of fluids. Even though, there aren’t any published studies back up this assertion.

No studies to date have demonstrated an increase or decrease in whole body hydration. It determined via bioelectrical impedance analysis.

Recently, Ziegenfuss et al. addressed these issues in ten cross­trained and aerobically trained men.

At a dose of 0.16 g/day (approximately 32 g/day for a 200 lb­person), coupled with a multifrequency bioelectrical impedance analyzer.

They found that total body water increased by 2% and paralleled the increase in total body mass associated with the 5-day loading sequence.

Interestingly, extracellular water content did not change significantly. But, intracellular water content changed by 3%.

From available published data, Kreider et al. also calculated plasma volume from the ratio of blood hemoglobin hematocrit. Its result, no found alterations in blood volume.

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This one of the most shameful and poorly researched press reports. They claimed the creatine supplementation may have been involved in the sudden deaths of three wrestlers.

These athletes died suddenly while exercising in the heat in rubber suits in an attempt to cut weight before competition.

Based on these reports! The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) launched investigations to determine whether creatine was involved in these deaths!

Results of this investigation conducted by the CDCP revealed. The two of the wrestlers had not taken creatine. And one of the athletes had stopped taking creatine at least 3 months before his death.

The deaths of the wrestlers were officially attributed to hyperthermia, heart failure, and heat exhaustion/dehydration.

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