calisthenics home workout routine

Calisthenics Home Workout Routine

Calisthenics consists of a variety of exercises. These exercises are rhythmical and rarely use the equipment. Your body weight is the only resistance that is used with the intention of increasing strength and flexibility.

Often sports teams or military units use this type of exercise to give a feeling of cohesion among the group as well as discipline.

Calisthenics is also used by sports teams to warm up before sporting events to prevent injury. Stretching is a huge part of calisthenics to help build lean muscle and increase flexibility as well as balance and coordination.

Benefits of Calisthenics

  • Increased Flexibility – Improved Motility with Bending, Jumping, Swinging, Twisting, and Kicking
  • Muscular and Cardiovascular Fitness – Enhanced Muscle Endurance and Cardiovascular Function
  • Improved Balance – Strengthens Muscles To Aid In Stabilization And Promotes Better Posture
  • Enhanced Agility – Increases Your Speed and Accuracy of Physical Performance
  • Develops Coordination – Attunes Independent Body Movements for Smoother, More Efficient Cooperation
  • Better Muscular Tone – Augmented Muscle Definition for Improved Shape and Appearance

Techniques Include:

  • Lunges and Squats
  • Sit-Ups, Crunches, and Planks
  • Push-ups and Pull-ups
  • Jumping-Jacks and Stretching

Increases Strength and Muscle Tone

Calisthenics not only increases the strength of muscles but firms and tones the muscles too. The muscles are strengthened by the resistance that is caused by body weight and repetitive exercises.

The muscles are toned also by the repetitive exercises and stretches that take place with performing calisthenics.

The muscles are allowed to be warmed up during stretches and then worked out by doing the techniques that are listed above, as well as others.

The improved balance, agility, and coordination that is achieved by these techniques also lead to stronger muscles.

Stretching also leads to lean muscle mass. Instead of bulking up, like you would by lifting heavy weights, muscles are allowed to be stretched and tone without adding tons of muscle mass.

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Calisthenics Home Workout Routine
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