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History on Anabolic Steroids

Steroids have a fascinating history. Its first use dates back to the professional athletes in ancient Greece. They were the first users of steroids. Olympic athletes should use plant derivatives, all meat diets, and animal testicles to improve their performance in the field. Also, their muscle size and strength boosted instantly.

However, the use of Anabolic steroids in the modern day world goes back to the early 1930s. In 1935 two scientists who were researching on dogs discovered that by giving testosterone under certain circumstances could increase muscle mass.

It is also alleged that Adolf Hitler might have used Anabolic steroids on himself and his soldiers to increase their overall execution by making them more aggressive. But this could never be proved.

The phenomenon of this steroid actually came into being in the 1950s. This was in the year 1954, at a world weightlifting competition, that people took note of Russian weightlifters performing better than the rest of the contestants. Their strength and stamina are so unreal.

It was only in 1958, when the food and drug administration (FDA) approved the use of Methandrostenolone or Dianabol, that Anabolic steroid got its prominence.

John Ziegler, an American physician, wanted to give his players the same advantage as his Soviet counter patriots. He began working with various pharmaceutical companies to improve the quality of the substance to be proficient.

A U.S pharmaceutical company finally came up with anabolic steroids in 1958. By the time the physician realized its negative side effects, it had spread far into the world of sports.

Most of the users of this drug were bodybuilders, weight lighters, football players, shot put or javelin throwers. They were mostly players who depended heavily gained strength, power, and massiveness.

By the 1970s the popularity of this drug grew in leaps and bounds. Athletes from other sports too eagerly sought out this drug for the winning edge it seemed to have.

Many athletes started to use this drug in prestigious sporting events such as the Olympics. But in 1972 the IOC started a full-scale drug-testing program making it difficult for sportspersons to use this drug.

The Germans beat them to it and were well ahead of IOC. They continued to use the anabolic steroid.

A study on their athletes showed that using a form of testosterone would leave the body quickly. Thus they can be prepared for the IOC test within 3 days of the previous injection. The farce continued till the early 1990s.

Ultimately, the Germans were caught. Ironically, it was at this very time that drugs were being used for medical purposes such as in AIDS and Cancer patients. Steroids are used for various medical purposes too.

Due to various malpractices in the sporting field, the U.S Congress passed the Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 1990 and placed them as controlled substances under Schedule III. This means that possession of legal steroids without a prescription is a punishable offense in the United States.

It is not known what sort of background of anabolic steroid will hint its direction from now on. During 2005, the CSA was changed into the Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 2004 that puts it as controlled substances.

Steroids facts

Anabolic steroids are called anabolic-androgen steroids (AAS). They are artificially produced variants of the male sex hormone testosterone. The best way to describe this steroid is to take these terms- anabolic and androgenic separately.

Anabolic or anabolism is the process of metabolism in human bodies. It helps in synthesizing smaller molecules to build larger ones. Thus, this helps in the growth of bones and muscle tissue.

Androgenic refers to natural chemical compounds. Work to promote the growth, development, and maintenance of male sex characteristics.

Steroids are very popular among sportsmen and athletes. This is quite reasonable because they want to increase muscle to improve performance during training.

There are many types of steroids. Each of them has several combinations of anabolic and androgenic properties.

There are both positive uses as well as negative uses of these steroids. In the field of medicine, anabolic steroids have been used successfully in the treatment of various ailments such as cancer and AIDs. Other uses are bone growth, increase appetite, muscle growth and delay in puberty.

But, excessive or long-term use of steroids can cause very bad side effects. Among them are increased LDL cholesterol and decreased HDL cholesterol, high blood pressure, and liver damage.

Uses of these steroids in sports are dubious as athletes have found benefits in using them for their training purposes. Due to the potential health effects of steroid drugs, these are a controlled substance in the USA as well as other countries.

Non-Legal Use of Steroids

Steroid Abuse

Steroid abuse has been the most talked about topic for generations. Let’s see why? If you want to think about steroid abuse what instantly comes to mind are weightlifters, bodybuilders.

Texts from ancient history suggest men have always tried to achieve the most without having to suffer too much pain. Steroids are a very powerful hormone that enhances the sports people’s endurance to pain and increases stamina. In bodybuilders, it helps to put on muscle mass in a very short time.

Some of the plausible harmful side effects that steroids abusers face are both physical and mental.

Some of the physical dangers faced are…

  • Stunted growth
  • increased risk of HIV & hepatitis
  • hair loss
  • another well-known side effects of AS in males is breast formation (gynecomastia) etc.
  • This may not be a detailed checklist but this should provide an idea. If this drug is taken in excess for reasons other than medical purposes! The consequences can be harmful.

Underage users

anabolic steroids user

Today’s youth is taking anabolic steroids without any idea of its associated dangers. Most users take a combination of these drugs to enhance their bodies for short-term results.

Though the short term effects are well documented, its long-term effects are not very well chronicled. Therefore, users do not realize the enormity of taking these drugs. They have profound harmful long-term physiological and psychological effects! Even severe legal consequences.

One of the most critical damages to the body is the liver. It leads to liver toxicity as it processes steroids with a mix of other chemicals. Though there has been considerable buildup about steroid-induced liver damage, not all of them are factual.

Even so, you will find enough scientific evidence to point out the prolonged steroid use can cause permanent problems for the liver. The downside of using legal steroids for medical reasons includes premature heart attacks and strokes.

Detailed research has shown that the use of steroids could also lead to liver tumors and kidney failure. Many people use steroids in the form of injections under unhygienic conditions. It could result in HIV, hepatitis and other fatal diseases.

The effects on human behavior are still debatable. But it does tend to make a person more aggressive, irritable and leads to unpredictable mood swings.

A few well-controlled studies have shown that there is a link between use of legal steroids and strong feelings such as…

  • Aggression
  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Suspiciousness and…
  • other types of hyperactive behaviors

Transformation comparison for both men and women

For men

The steroid is a type of male sex testosterone. It not only helps build muscles but also alters physical characteristics in users.

For Women

woman on steroids

When women begin to use these steroids, many changes occur in their bodies. They also begin to notice many side effects. This can lead to serious complications in women.

Women users notice changes in their physical side. They become leaner and more muscular. They lose their feminine features as they develop muscles. They also experience shrinkage in the breast tissue. These changes that happen are mostly irrevocable.

In the USA, there are both state and Federal laws which make it illegal to purchase without a doctor’s prescription.

Use of Legal steroids

Even though steroids have been extensively used for enhancing muscle mass in men, it has many legitimate medical uses too. Legal Steroids increase the production of Red blood cells. Therefore, they are used in treating anemia patients.

Further research has shown that steroids have been helpful in treating cancer patients. When combined with other drugs, these steroids can also help AIDS patients.

Young men struggling with pituitary malfunction are given anabolic steroids upon reaching puberty. Post the removal of the testes in men they are given oral form to replace the testosterone they are unable to produce on their own.

Oral anabolic steroids can be given to men who experience with post-testicular removal. This serves to replace testosterone which they cannot produce themselves.

In legal prescription, small anabolic doses are given to the patients. This would be produced normally by the body. The pharmaceutical companies determine the right number of doses to be given to patients after extensive research. Steroid abusers do not follow this norm. Most of them go by what they are told by people who do not any medical knowledge. Thus the effectiveness of the drug is hampered.

There are many legal steroids which have various amalgamations of pros and cons. One can get the best results when the right combination of the steroid is used. It also depends on how one’s body reacts to the drug.

The Steroid Cycles

The combination of one or more legal steroids used simultaneously is called “stacking”. A Steroid cycle indicates the period of time when the user is stacking. Athletes stack legal steroids with other drugs to optimize the result of their cycle. Compared to using one type of steroid, steroid stacking has a more sensational effect on the user’s muscle.

Legal Status of Anabolic Steroids

Steroids are not illegal in many countries. But, the laws pertaining to this differ from one to another.

In the United States, anabolic steroids are controlled substances under Schedule III. Simply possessing this drug without prescription makes it a federal crime in the United States.

Possession of anabolic steroid is not an offense in Canada. However, buying or selling this drug is a crime. This drugs can be bought easily without prescription in Thailand and Mexico.

Recent studies have shown the harmful effects of steroids on the human body.

This has led to most Olympic sports bodies to tighten their rules to stop sports people from using steroids to enhance their performance.

From the start of the new century, the authorities have thrown up a lot of alternative training methods which has led to a steady decline of illegal use of steroids.

Popular steroids (oral and inject)

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Legal steroid alternatives

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