amino acids improve endurance athletes

Amino Acids Improve Endurance Athletes

Sport supplements contain amino acids improve endurance?

Before in-depth explanation about the amino acids improve endurance and power! What athlete are you? Athletic, runners, cyclists, swimmers, bodybuilders, or a regular fitness guys?

As we know, the most common problem that happened is fatigue.

In this page, we’ll talk about the role of amino acids to improve performance during training.

The question is… Does it work? Can the supplementation of amino acids improve endurance athletes before and/or after training?

Some researchers theorize that this can help reduce the incidence of overtraining.

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We divide into 3 parts and one explanation about carbohydrates and protein supplements. Well, let’s look at the types of amino acids improve endurance and power!

BCAA (branched chain amino acid)

amino acid drink mixAs stated earlier, using BCAA supplementation before and/or during exercise is very recommended. This can be an effective nutritional strategy to delay the onset of central fatigue.

Although there is a strong theoretical rationale to support the potential use of BCAAs as an ergogenic aid.

Researchers investigate the benefits of BCAA. This concerns the physiological, performance, and also psychological responses during training. The results are quite diverse.

Several studies show the BCAA supplementation before or post-exercise increases BCAA levels.

It can minimize increases in the free tryptophan to branched-chained amino acids ratio. Also may affect physiological and psychological responses to exercise.

But, other studies have found limited effects! And few studies have found that BCAA supplementation actually improves exercise performance capacity.

Studies that have reported… Improved physiological and/or psychological responses to exercise!

This studies typically involve ingesting 4 to 21 g/day BCAA during training. Then, 2 to 4 g/hr of BCAA with a 6-8% GES drink before and during prolonged exercise.

In addition, there are several studies explaining …

Combining carbohydrates with BCAAs and/or protein can help promote greater training adaptation. This is done before and/or the following exercises during training.

In our view! The potential application of BCAA supplements is to help athletes tolerate training to a greater degree. Less appropriate if used as a performance enhancement supplement.

Before definitive conclusions can be drawn, further research is needed. This is to determine the role of BCAA in exercise capacity and overtraining markers.

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The second amino acid that may help lessen the incidence of overtraining is Glutamine.

As stated earlier, glutamine serves as the primary fuel for the lymphocyte. Some have suggested that glutamine supplementation may help athletes maintain immune function. Due to exercise has reported decreasing glutamine availability and immune function.

Also, glutamine has been reported to regulate cellular hydration status! Which has proven to be an important regulator of protein synthesis

As a result, glutamine supplements (for example, 6 to 12 g / day) has become popular among athletes. It can help to increase muscle mass and/ or maintain a healthy immune system during training.

Although there is a strong scientific basis to support a theoretical use of glutamine in athletes! The studies on athletes are mixed or lacking.

There are some studies showed that…

BCAA and glutamine supplements can maintain and/or increase glutamine levels during exercise.

Theoretically, to help reduce the negative effects of intense training! As well as maintaining stable immune function. So maintenance and/or increase in glutamine levels is needed.

Studies investigating this hypothesis, however, have not consistently observed improved immune status.

To date, we also do not know of any studies that have evaluated the effects of glutamine alone. This involves strength and changes in muscle mass during training.

Before conclusions can be drawn! I think further research on glutamine supplementation is needed. This is to determine whether it can affect immune function and training adaptation.

Another compound that may play a role in lessening overtraining is Creatine.


Classified as a Methylglycocynamine, creatine supplementation has been shown to increase intramuscular creatine. Also phospho­creatine stores and improve performance capacity during intermittent high-intensity exercise.

Creatine supplements also reported allowing athletes to maintain a greater volume of exercise. Then promotes a greater increase in muscle strength and mass. And also maintains a positive training adaptation.

While it’s not clear whether creatine supplements may have a direct role in preventing overtraining!

During an intensive training period, the use of creatine supplements can help an athlete tolerate training to a next level. This can reduce vulnerability to overtraining.

To determine the potential ergogenic value of BCAA, creatine, and glutamine supplementation! Further research is needed.

But, this is our view! In intensive training, an athlete must consume a diet high in BCAA, creatine, and glutamine.

This can be done with…

  • Selecting high-quality protein sources in the diet (e.g., casein, whey protein, etc.) and/or by…
  • Ingesting carbohydrate/protein supplements that contain quality protein, BCAAs, and glutamine.

It is also our view that given the evidence regarding the ergogenic value and medical safety.

For athletes involved in high-intensity training! Creatine supplements can function as an effective ergogenic aid.

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Carbohydrate – Protein Supplements

If you do the intensive exercise, it will be spending much more calorie. To cover it, you need consuming enough calories as well.

Eating 4 to 6 times per day and consuming high-calorie foods/snacks between meals will maximize caloric intake.

A research has indicated. You can use high-calorie carbohydrate supplements during intensive training and/or competition. This is an easy and effective way to increase calorie intake and maintain muscle glycogen levels.

However, most high-calorie carbohydrate supplements are simply blends of sucrose and maltodextrins. No other nutrients added. Therefore, the nutrient density of these type of carbohydrate supplements is poor.

Over the last 10 years or so! There are many significant improvements in the development of nutrient-dense, carbohydrate/protein supplements

These supplements are available in liquid, powder, or bar form. It serves as a convenient means of increasing caloric intake. This might be the solution for athletes who have difficulty consuming enough calories during training.

Keep in mind, most of these supplements contain less fat. But the supply of quality carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals is much bigger.

When compared to non-fortified carbohydrate concentrate drinks! We believe the protein supplements is a more balanced option to increase the calorie intake.

For those of you who are in intensive training and need to increase calorie intake! We recommend taking quality carbohydrate/protein supplements. Use after exercise or as a snack between meals.

Research shows, compared with adding carbohydrates to the diet! It is more effective to consume this type of supplement during training.

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